Another few items for the Rotrax…

And just back from the chrome plater, a GB KROMO stem. Also shown are some beautifully shaped GB MAITLAND bend handlebars. Reminiscent of ‘South of France’ bend produced by Stratalite amongst others, as well as the familiar Dawes ‘Concorde’ bars. Not forgetting a nice NOS Sonnet ping bell too!

Chroming ‘Steerer’ Diameter Issue

Cosmetically the chroming is a beautiful job. Lovely surface and they’ve kept the logo engraving perfectly. Being picky, a tiny bit around the ‘Spearpoint’ might receive some hand polishing, but look better than it being over ‘softened’ by the chroming process I think.

Unfortunately the steerer diameter has been reduced in size fractionally. To use it is going to require a shim. Otherwise, it’s a return to the platers. I’m not sure if another cleaning off, polishing and plating could potentially weaken the metal structurally? My OCD will probably just have to accept using 0.1mm of shim stock!

Edit > Turns out I was panicking after paying for the rechroming. Greasing super well in and out has it fitting pretty good. Tried with bars and doesn’t seem like there’ll be too much movement or leverage.

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